Hong Xi Guan: Zhi Shao Lin Wu Zu
1994 / 95m - Hong Kong
Legend of the Red Dragon poster


July 25, 2008


Wong teams up with legendary action director Corey Yuen and martial arts legend Jet Li. Some people may look down on Wong, but he never had any problems working with the greats of Hong Kong cinema. Legend of the Red Dragon is a trademark early 90s Hong Kong martial arts spectacle, a golden era for Hong Kong action cinema.

The Hong Kong movie industry was such a well-oiled machine back then that they could pump out films like this almost with their eyes closed. Very typical cinematography, razor sharp editing, impressive fight (and other) choreographies and a little comedy in between to take the edge off.

The center part drags a little and the film can't quite compete with the very best in the genre (films like Fong Sai-Yuk and Iron Monkey), but it's an all-out martial arts roller coaster that offers plenty entertainment and should appeal to everyone with a soft spot for Hong Kong martial arts cinema.