Shu Shan Zheng Zhuan
2001 / 104m - Hong Kong
Action, Fantasy
The Legend of Zu poster


February 01, 2004


December 23, 2022


Hark remakes his own fantastical martial arts brawler two decades later. It's a pretty successful remake, capturing the spirit of the first film, only updated to the standard of its time. That doesn't make it a great film, in fact, there's quite a lot that doesn't work, but the sheer energy and boldness of the production is what made this a worthwhile watch.

The Zu mountains are located between Heaven and Earth. It's a place where mythical figures live, the Omei kingdom being the strongest of Zu. Their world is under attack when Amnesia, an ambitious earthling, finds a way to drain Zu's powers and use them for his own betterment. The people of Zu will have to band together to get rid of this threat.

The 2001 Zu is an unapologetic CGI fest. The quality is pretty hit-and-miss and it looks gaudy as fuck, but there's a level of dedication that gives the film its unique vibe. The cast is pretty cool too, the pacing is insane and Hark goes full out on the plot. It's not a film that made a whole lot of sense (though people versed in Chinese folklore and literature may have a different experience), but I sure had a good time with it.