USA [1943] - 66m
Directed by
Jacques Tourneur
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The Leopard Man poster


August 06, 2022


A typical Tourneur film, meaning most of the horror is found in the poster. The premise has the potential for horror, but the film itself is a rather dialogue-heavy thriller with few scares, let alone any gore. The film's main redeeming quality is its length, which is kept well short. Then again, there's hardly any plot to go through.

To brighten up her act, Kiki is given a leopard to take with her on stage. A jealous rival messes things up for her and manages to scare the animal away. In the following days, women keep getting attacked at night, but some people suspect it's not the animal that is wreaking havoc.

The animal encounters aren't that exciting, the dialogues feel endless and the performances are inconsequential. There are some moodier scenes, with some decent black and white cinematography, but it's not enough to lift this film above the swamp of forgettable classics. Not a film I'll remember fondly.

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