Chung Gik Yan Je
2006 / 94m - China
Lethal Ninja poster


February 14, 2015


There rests a curse on ninja films. They are some of the most intriguing assassins, probably some of the most cinematic too, but (live action) ninja films often turn out completely bogus. Yau's attempt is no different. Most of his films hold some kind of baseline quality, but even that seems absent here. The result is pure crap.

Mr. Brian is a slick businessman who hears about a secret medicine that cures all ailments, which is property of a long-lasting ninja clan. He gets his hands on the box that contains the medicine, but he is unable to open it. For that he needs a guy called Copy, but he is suffering from memory loss. Still, Copy is the key to unlocking the box.

There are some half-decent action scenes here, but that's about it. The costumes are terrible, the performances painful to watch, the ninja skills not worth discussing. Apparently this was a pretty troubled production, for once it can be seen in the resulting film. This one is for hardcore Yau completists only.