1948 / 87m - USA
Letter from an Unknown Woman poster


October 25, 2021


My first Ophüls film, a little trivia that surprised me too, to be honest. I must have him mixed up with some other director, even though I'm not really sure which one. Letter from an Unknown Woman is unfiltered romance, built on a simple premise that squeezes out as much emotion as humanly possible.

Lisa is a young girl who falls madly in love with a pianist living next door. She is too shy to confront the man, and before she can, she has to go live in a different city. When she returns to Vienna, she wrestles her way back into his life. But they only have a short time together before fate pulls them apart again.

It's a nice enough setup and the film is decently paced. It's quite short, there's just the right amount of intrigue and the performances are decent too. The cinematography and soundtrack are pretty mediocre, but the biggest problem is that the end left me completely cold, even though it was clear this was supposed to be a real tearjerker.