Nihon Kuroshakai
1999 / 105m - Japan
Crime, Drama, Thriller
Ley Lines poster


January 23, 2005


Ley Lines is the third and final entry in Miike's Black Society trilogy. It's a trio of films where Miike combines his more outrageous characteristics with a stronger focus on plot, characters and styling. For people who tilt more to the arthouse side of cinema, this is definitely one of the Miike's to prioritize.

Three Chinese-born kids leave the Japanese countryside to explore the much livelier metropole that is Tokyo. Once there, it starts to dawn on them that the reality of a big city is a lot different from what they imagined. Jobs are scarce, and it doesn't take long before they end up in the shadier parts of town.

There are still plenty of vintage Miike moments, but they're slightly more subdued, and they fit in better with the rest of the film. Performances are good, the cinematography is above par and the drama works well. Ley Lines is a perfect gateway into Miike's oeuvre for people who prefer a more consistent film experience, without having to miss out on Miike's signature moments.