1989 / 133m - UK
Action, Adventure
Licence to Kill poster


January 11, 2021


Both Dalton and Glen's final James Bond. This was also the last one in a long series of bi-yearly releases, so clearly they must've released the formula could do with a little rework, as it really feels quite stale at this point. It's really just the same old stunts over and over again.

Bond's at a wedding (not his own) when he's called in for an important assignment. Sanchez, a famed criminal, has just come out of hiding, and he's in the neighborhood. Bond apprehends him, but Sanchez manages to escape and plans a bitter revenge. Bond is pulled off the case, but as it's personal he can't let go.

Dalton really is a poor Bond, but it's the lack of creativity that really brings License to Kill down. Another shark bit, more air stunts, some diving bits. It's another attempted update of the greatest stunts of earlier films, but it doesn't feel spectacular at all. I'm looking forward to 90s Bond, hopefully he can turn things around.