Dyut Meng Gam
2011 / 107m - Hong Kong
Crime, Drama
Life without Principle poster


February 20, 2012


Leaving the criminal world behind, To tackles the financial market (which, according to some, is just as criminal). The result is an entertaining film, but one which lacks the standout moments that made To's 00s work so distinctive. Maybe it isn't fair to keep comparing his regular work to his best films, but it's impossible to ignore his legacy.

Three people are in desperate need of money. A cop whose wife made a down-payment on a flat they can't afford, a petty thief who wants to help out his friend, and a bank employee who took too many risks on the stock market. Their lives intersect when they meet each other at a loan shark. Luck is not in their side, because the man just got robbed.

There's really nothing wrong with this film. The performances are solid, the cinematography is fine, and the soundtrack has a typical signature. At the same time, there's nothing that really jumps out. It's perfectly fine To filler and fans are sure to have a good time, but if you're hoping for that little extra, it's not here.