Xia Long Nu
2022 / 77m - China
Fantasy, Action
Little Dragon Maiden poster


October 03, 2022


Sometimes cheap is just cheap, at other times it can be a great indicator of talent. Little Dragon Maiden is another one of those cheap and short direct-to-streamer projects that serve a mix of fantasy, action, and romance, but the execution is commendable and while there are some obvious technical hiccups, the bold aesthetic easily makes up for it.

Bai Xi is a young dragon maiden who travels to the human realm to get her sister back. After an initial scuffle, she ends up in a temple, where she forces the caretaker to join her on her trip to the city. There she hopes to convince her sister to return with her. On her journey, Bai Xi will learn about the human world and what it means to fall in love.

The CG is pretty basic, but the lush colors, costumes and sets more than make up for that. The actors are actually pretty decent, the action scenes are fun and the pacing is perfect. There's a fleetingness that keeps these films from becoming true personal favorites, but the good ones make for some lovely filler. I thoroughly enjoyed myself with this one.