Song Ni Yi Duo Xiao Hong Hua
2020 / 122m - China
Drama, Romance
A Little Red Flower poster


June 03, 2021


I've really liked Yan Han's work so far, but I was a bit worried when I heard he was tackling one of my least favorite (drama) genres. And sure enough, the result is pretty much what I expected it to be. Han's talent is hard to miss, but on an emotional level A Little Red Flower fell a bit short.

Yihang Wei is a kid who is faced with the consequences of cancer at a very young age. After a successful operation he tries to pick up his life and things look up when he bumps into Xiaoyuan. After a rocky start, the two quickly become best friends, but tragedy hits when Xiaoyuan also falls ill.

Disease-based romance and tragedy has been quite popular in Asia the past decade and this film merely continues that tradition. Han's knack for beautiful visuals is there, and the actors do a pretty solid job, but the story is just a little too sentimental. It's certainly not a bad film, but I expect more from Han.