1987 / 130m - UK
Action, Adventure
The Living Daylights poster


January 04, 2021


One of the poorer Bond films I've seen so far. The series has always struggled with its lead changes, and it doesn't seem like this 2-part Dalton episode is going to be any different. With Dalton, it feels like the series got a bit more serious again, which isn't the direction I wanted Bond to go in.

James Bond is asked to bring in a Russian defector, but only two days later the man is taken again by the Russians. It's not a good look for the British intelligence agency, and they immediately reactivates Bond. He has a little side mission to complete first, which of course puts him on track to uncover a hidden plot.

Dalton is a rather grim Bond, d'Abo is a dire Bond girl, the action is plain (apart from one scene on the ice) and the bad guys are incredibly dull. There's just not much joy here, which for me is the main draw of the better entries in the franchise. Let's hope the next one is better.