1983 / 111m - UK
Drama, Comedy
Local Hero poster


November 08, 2022


Not the worst drama, but it is very predictable and more than a little slow-moving. There are some quirky characters that liven things up, but the lead is pretty dull and it takes way too long before the film reaches its foregone conclusion. Ultimately, I didn't really care too much about how it all ended.

Mac works for an oil company. He is sent to a small seaside town in Scotland, where he has to convince the local residents to sell him a piece of land. The longer he stays in the village and the better he gets to know the people there, the more he starts to doubt the moral implications of his job.

The local townsfolk are nice enough, performances are decent and the cinematography clearly received some attention, but there's nothing that really stands out here. It's all so very safe, by the numbers, and unadventurous. Certainly not the worst, but forgettable in just about every way imaginable.