1962 / 153m - USA
Crime, Romance
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August 05, 2023


My final Kubrick. There's no reason why I saved this one for last, I'm just not his biggest fan and this seems to be one of his least-regarded films (though still very popular). It's not quite what I expected (the controversial part of the film is rather weak by modern standards and it's very talky for a Kubrick), which I why I still ended up relatively disappointed with the result.

Humbert is an author who rents a room in Charlotte Haze's home. He does so because he has a thing for her daughter, who is barely 14 years old. Charlotte has her eye set on Humbert, which further complicates things, and there's another man who has taken an interest in Charlotte's daughter.

The controversy is purely thematic (an older man with a young girl), the film itself is almost all dialogue. Mason and Lyon aren't the best actors though, so their romance never felt very real. The black-and-cinematography is also pretty dull and the runtime is a bit of a hassle, but the film does pick up the pace in the final 30 minutes.