2022 / 91m - USA
The Long Night poster


February 26, 2023


Not the most original horror film you'll ever see, but with a limited budget, director Ragsdale accomplishes quite a lot. The middle part is where things get a bit too slow and repetitive (the 90-minute mark is too much of a goal for some directors), still, people who love a good cult/demon horror have plenty to look forward to.

Grace has had little luck locating her biological family until she finds a house that seems tied to her past. Together with her fiancé, she agrees to meet the owner, but when they arrive nobody's there to greet them. When they decide to stay the night a mysterious cult shows up on their doorstep.

The intro is a tad long, but once the cult arrives on the scene things start to heat up quickly. The styling and cinematography work well together to create a feeling of dread, only, the effect lessens when the cult stalls its actions. Luckily, the finale delivers, but with some tighter editing, this could've been a lot better still.