2014 / 96m - UK
Comedy, Drama
A Long Way Down poster


July 29, 2022


A quirky British comedy with a hefty portion of drama. Or a proper drama with some typical British wit. The film is pretty well-balanced and floats between both genres with deceptive ease, though it lacks a certain edge to excel at either one of them. It's still a pretty fun ride though.

A former TV show host plans to commit suicide on New Year's Eve. When he arrives at his hand-picked spot, it turns out he's not the only one with the idea to kill himself. After an awkward conversation, the four decide to make a pact, promising each other not to kill themselves until Valentine's day.

Though the theme is quite heavy, the presentation is pretty light. Brosnan is solid, Poots is cheeky, and even Collette doesn't overdo it. The structure of the film is a bit messy and neither the drama nor the comedy is too captivating, but it's a pretty pleasant watch throughout. Decent filler.