2020 / 92m - USA
Romance, Comedy
Looks That Kill poster


June 01, 2022


A pretty interesting film. What could've been a rather basic and familiar coming of age drama, is turned upside down by a kooky premise. This adds a lot of comedy (and goodwill), making the more dramatic second half that much easier to stomach. Though I was slightly bummed the comedy is almost completely gone towards the finale.

Max suffers from a unique condition: his face is lethally beautiful. Whoever sees his face, dies on the spot. And so he walks around with bandages wrapped around his face. His social life is crap, his parents don't really know how to help Max and his only friends is a real player. Max' life changes when he meets Alex, a girl with a special heart condition.

The actors do a solid job, the premise is explored beautifully, and the score is surprisingly stylish. The cinematography could've used a little extra work and the drama felt a tiny bit pedestrian in comparison, but the romance works well, and I left the film feeling like I'd seen something unique. Good stuff.