Gang jiong
2015 / 114m - China
Action, Comedy
Lost in Hong Kong poster


July 05, 2022


A flashy Chinese comedy, cleverly set in Hong Kong. It's an easy fix to combine some of China's and Hong Kong's bigger film stars in a single film. Though it has to be said, the Hong Kong crew is mostly dealt some smaller cameos, with the bigger parts reserved for their Chinese counterparts. Symbolic.

The plot is pretty basic, then again that's par for the course for a light-hearted blockbuster comedy. A couple is trying to have a baby, but somehow the magic isn't happening. The man suspects an unfulfilled love from his past might be the cause, and so he travels to Hong Kong to reconnect with his old flame. Once there, things don't really go as planned.

Director Zheng Xu is a smart man, casting himself in between Zhao Wei and Juan Du. The film looks slick and stylish, there are some proper jokes, a couple of fun cameos and the pacing is pretty fast, propelling you through 2 hours of pleasant chaos without too many bumps in the road. Hardly the best film ever made, but for blockbuster entertainment it's quite a bit better than the norm.