Ren Zai Jiong Tu: Tai Jiong
2012 / 105m - China
Comedy, Adventure
Lost in Thailand poster


October 31, 2020


A pretty decent Chinese comedy that brings together three of its biggest comedy stars. With Zheng Xu, Baoqiang Wang and Bo Huang headlining the film you should pretty much know what to expect. If not then it's probably best to skip this one for now, until you're a bit more familiar with contemporary Chinese cinema.

Xu and Bo are competing for their jobs. They invented revolutionary fuel technology, but their ideas of where to take this tech don't line up. They're racing to find their CEO in order to convince him their idea is best, the problem is that his exact location is unknown. This leaves them stranded in Bangkok, with no idea where to go.

Lost in Thailand is a pretty jolly, easygoing comedy that sees these three actors do their best to keep it light and entertaining. In that sense it's a pretty successful film, the problem is that it never aspires to be anything more. This is pleasant filler and I'm looking forward to catching the sequel, but it's hardly great cinema.