USA, Japan [2003] - 102m
Directed by
Sofia Coppola
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December 24, 2003


That Americans had little respect for other cultures is nothing new, and truth be told it's probably in all of us. The critiques that this film is overtly racist are a bit farfetched though, then again it's a sign of the times and I wasn't surprised to bump into them.

I did wonder why this was made into a film though, as I felt the story would've worked a lot better as a book. The presentation is so dry and boring. Character progression in spades, but film is an audiovisual experience first and foremost and in that respect Coppola fails horribly. If you shoot a film in Tokyo, you simply need to do better.

There's also an overdose of silly Japanese stereotypes, then but it probably could've been worse for a Hollywood film. On the other hand, this is not so much as comedy but a drama, so the bar should be put a little higher. Johansson and Murray couldn't save it for me either, this was quite a big disappointment.