Sau Sun Nam Nui
2001 / 94m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Romance
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October 03, 2009


To has a bit of fun with superstars Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng. This glamour couple are back to star in a To/Wai romcom, only this time they have both gained a considerable amount of weight. The result is a somewhat outmodish comedy, that survives on the skills of To and Wai, but probably won't find its way to the top of most people's list of favorites.

Mimi is a Hong Kong girl who lives in Japan. She has a relationship with a Japanese composer, who tells her he has to go to the US to pursue his career. They promise each other to meet up again a decade later, but Mimi is so heartbroken that she gains a bunch of weight. When the deadline draws close, she wants to lose the extra pounds, helping her is Fatso, another sizeable Hong Kong fella living in Tokyo.

If you can't stand fat jokes and a little body shaming, it should be obvious that you're better off avoiding this film. Apart from that, the comedy is pretty docile and the plot not too exceptional, though the star power attached to this project more than makes up for it. Not a To highlight, but decent fun regardless.