Wo Ai Luo Landu
1984 / 97m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Romance
I Love Lolanto poster


February 27, 2016


A film made back when Jing Wong was working hard on establishing his comedy style. I Love Lolanto is little more than a work in progress, with Wong trying to figure out what works and what doesn't. That means this film is mostly for Wong completists and hardcore fans of 80s Hong Kong comedy.

Lolanto is a shady car mechanic who cheats a wealthy businessman out of his fancy car for a short time. Things get tricky for Lolanto when he discovers that he messed with a gangster. While the crook chases Lolanto throughout Hong Kong, Lolanto is also crushing hard on the daughter of an infamous Triad boss.

Pak-Cheung Chan is Wong's partner in crime here. I'm not a big fan and actually prefer Wong's performance, which should be pretty telling. The film looks rather cheap, the comedy isn't all that funny, the plot is pretty bland. That leaves the decent pacing, which turns this film into poor but passable filler.