Cheng Chong Chui Lui Chai
2004 / 95m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Crime
Love Is a Many Stupid Thing poster


January 27, 2012


Though you'll be hard-pressed to find a Jing Wong film without parody jokes, he rarely makes a full-blown, dedicated parody. Love Is a Many Stupid Thing is a notable exception. You better make sure to have seen the Infernal Affairs films before starting this one, it will certainly come in handy if you want to spot all the references and gags.

The plot offers a very similar cat and mouse game between the Triads and the police, only this time around Wong adds some romantic woes to spice things up. It's safe to say though that you won't be watching this film for its delicate story, even so, I think they could've done more with it to support the comedy.

It's certainly funny to see Eric Tsang reprise his role from the Infernal Affairs films, but this film just isn't very polished. The parody is a little basic, the direction feels rushed and even the actors fail to add anything significant. Like most Wong films it is pretty short and well-paced, but he has made way funnier films.