Yau Ching Yam Shui Baau
2001 / 99m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Romance
Love Me, Love My Money poster


February 13, 2010


Another generic romcom by Jing Wong. While he's certainly capable of directing fun films, a lot of his work is obvious filler, made to make a quick buck. Take a couple of familiar faces, put them in a simple plot and stretch it out to get to the 90 minutes mark. There's your formula for success.

Tony Leung plays a rich guy whose prime goal in life is to make boatloads of money. Until he gets cheated out of his fortune by his girlfriend. Soon after he bumps into Choi, the love of his life. He's lost his trust in women though and decides to hide his past. Choi on the other hand thinks he's just a player who likes to live off of other people's money.

Tony Leung and Shu Qi are some of Hong Kong's biggest acting talents, but romcoms aren't really their thing and the romance just fizzles. There are some decent gags and funny moments along the way, but they are few and far between, and they happen whenever Wong abandons the romantic plot. This is just too basic to be good, but it's not entirely terrible either.