Wo Ai Ni!
2023 / 116m - China
Drama, Romance
Love Never Ends poster


August 22, 2023


Yan Han used to be one of China's more gifted directors, but he's defaulted to making schmaltzy Chinese blockbuster dramas. The quality is still there, in some ways at least, but now it's packaged in rather mediocre films geared at making as much money at the box office as possible, more so than anything else.

An old widower hears that his life is slowly coming to an end, with nobody to care for he is quickly losing his will to right. At that time he meets Li Huiru, he woman his age who also lives by herself. Their first encounter is thorny, but once they get to know each other love begins to blossom between the two.

Han's direction is pleasant. He has a knack for nice cinematography and with a proper cast at his disposal he creates some loveable characters, but the drama and romance feel a bit overwrought and a simpler setup might've helped to make it feel less like a deliberate tearjerker. Not bad, but Yan Han can do so much better than this.