Hua Yue Jia Qi
1995 / 103m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Romance
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April 24, 2012


Hark does crazy Hong Kong comedy. I didn't expect too much from this one, it's a pretty obscure entry in Hark's oeuvre and that usually means a film's international appeal is poised to be very limited. Which it is, I guess, since the West isn't too tuned into HK comedies. Hark goes completely mental with it though, a bit like Jing Wong's best comedy work, only with a better director calling the shots.

Yan-Yan is desperately looking for a man to marry, but no good options are available to her. The only one who takes an interest is Kong, but he has more fun teasing her. But then Kong dies, and he returns to her as a ghost, hoping Yan-Yan can save him. They both travel back in time to keep their former selves from fighting, but if their mission fails it will cost their lives.

Hong Kong comedy is an acquired taste, but at its best, it is so wacky that is hard not to laugh. And that's what Hark is going for here. There are some very inventive scenes (even though they may not make all that much sense), the pacing is pretty crazy and the cast does a solid job. It's not what I'd call a masterpiece, but it sure is funny and entertaining.