Sun Jaat Si Mui
2002 / 103m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Romance
Love Undercover poster


November 21, 2020


A very simple romcom with a crime-based background story. It's right up Joe Ma's alley, and he doesn't disappoint. More than that, this film was so successful that it spawned two more sequels. Not sure if this film really warranted such an honor, but it's certainly not bad for what it is.

Agent Keun is sent on an undercover mission. She has to befriend Hoi, son of a retired Triad boss. Hoi is suspected of being in the Triad business himself, but there's no concrete evidence, which Keun has to deliver. He turns out to be a total gentleman though and in no time romantic feelings are starting to develop between the two.

Don't expect anything original from Love Undercover, this is pure genre fluff. But there's chemistry between Miriam Yeung and Daniel Wu, the film's moderately funny and the pacing is decent. It's a perfect time waster and a fun filler once you've gone through all the better films in the genre.