Sun Jaat Si Mui 2
2003 / 100m - Hong Kong
Love Undercover 2: Love Mission poster


December 09, 2020


While the first Love Undercover film wasn't that bad, I don't think it really needed a sequel (let alone two). No doubt the popularity of the first one demanded it to be turned into a franchise, so here we are. Love Undercover 2 is a bog standard sequel that rehashes its own formula, but fails to add anything substantial.

Kuen is still enjoying her promotion when she's given a new assignment. She needs to protect a VIP and give her a tour of Hong Kong. The assignment goes horribly wrong that and Kuen nearly gets her kicked off the force. It's the beginning of another undercover mission in which Kuen's future husband gets a part too.

The main cast is there again, director Joe Ma also returns. Other than that this comes off like a simple cash-in. The story is plain, the direction feels rushed and the comedy is subpar. The tone is light and the pacing is decent so it's definitely an easy watch, there just isn't much quality to turn it into something more.