Sun Jaat Si Mui 3
2006 / 101m - Hong Kong
Love Undercover 3 poster


December 10, 2020


The third and final entry in the Love Undercover series. The second film was somewhat of a letdown, luckily Joe Ma manages to shake things up a little. Not that this film is a true return to form (and to be clear, the first film wasn't that great to begin with), but at least is doesn't feel quite as uninspired.

Wao is a new recruit in Chung's team. She's young and inexperienced, but she's also eager to learn and has a way to get luck on her side. Wao is spoiled by her teammates and before long Chung's team gets a bad reputation. So much in fact that another police team introduces a mole in order to document their misbehavior.

It's not that Miriam Yeung was a miscast, but Fiona Sit brings some much-needed spark to the franchise. The comedy is still pretty mediocre and the story really isn't anything to write home about, but the atmosphere is light and the pacing is solid. Not a great film, but it's pretty decent filler.