2019 / 69m - Spain
Mystery, Horror
Lucero poster


April 02, 2024


An indie horror that tries very hard to be moody and mysterious, but doesn't quite get there in the end. Some tepid performances and a rather predictable soundtrack keep the film from reaching greater heights. That said, the setup is relatively original and the mystery is executed well.

A young woman is getting ready for her date, trying to look her best for her boyfriend. When he doesn't show up, she gets a little antsy and she begins to panic, fearing he might have stood her up. As she waits, she slowly loses grip on reality, and we learn that not everything is as it seems.

A film like this needs a strong principal actor, sadly that's not the case here. The synth soundtrack isn't the greatest either and the cinematography could've used a little polish, but there are some interesting touches left and right and the short runtime makes sure the film doesn't overstay its welcome. The potential is there, the execution needed to be better.