2006 / 110m - USA
Crime, Mystery
Lucky Number Slevin poster


May 11, 2006


March 31, 2022


A slick and stylish crime flick. Not the oldskool kind, but a more contemporary take, in line with the type of films we saw coming out of the USA around the start of the new millennium. It's a film I liked quite a bit the first time I watched it, a good 15 years later it has lost some of its initial charm.

Slevin goes to visit an acquaintance (Nick) in New York, when he arrives the guy is nowhere to be found. Slevin settles down in his apartment, but soon after two burly men come knocking to pick him up. They mistake him for Nick and Slevin gets mixed up in some very shady business. All he can do is play along.

The dialogs are pretty witty, the cinematography is polished, and the characters are daft but amusing. It's fast-paced from start to finish and there are fun details scattered throughout the film, it's just that there have been similar films since that have improved on the formula. It's still a good film, just not a personal favorite anymore.