2022 / 89m - USA
Lullaby poster


December 29, 2022


Leonetti is trying to replicate the Wan-verse on a budget. It's not all bad and the film certainly makes an effort to do well, but the scares are pretty poor and in the end, that's about all a film like this has to offer. If more effort had gone into the creatures and haunts this could've been something.

Rachel and John are happy as can be with their newborn, but six months later the constant crying is starting to weigh them down. Rachel received an old book with a Hebrew nursery rhyme inside, when she sings it to the baby he goes to sleep instantly. Little does she know that she invited the evil Lilith inside her house.

The performances are decent and the cinematography is appropriate. The special effects are shoddy though and the makeup work isn't very convincing either. It pretty much kills the entire finale, which is the moment the entire film has been working towards. Very mediocre horror filler.