Kaibutsu no Kikori
2023 / 119m - Japan
Horror, Mystery
Lumberjack the Monster poster


June 07, 2024


The prospect of Miike releasing straight to Netflix is quite appealing, but it's been a while since he released a "true" Miike film. Lumberjack the Monster is a decent, proper slasher, but it's a film that could've been made by a number of other directors, and in Miike's case, that's a waste of potential.

A serial killer is on the loose, and the police are scrambling to track him down. He's wearing a strange lumberjack costume, he targets people who used to grow up in orphanages and he kills them with an axe, stealing their brains. Akira Ninomiya, a ruthless lawyer, is the next victim on his list, but he won't go down without a fight.

The production is slick, there are some bloody scenes and a handful of memorable moments. But the film is too long and there's a bit too much talking. The mystery elements aren't all that interesting and the film lacks anything that sets it apart from similar works. A solid, but ultimately forgettable Miike.