Rupan Sansei: Ikiteita Majutsushi
2002 / 50m - Japan
Adventure, Comedy - Animation
Lupin III: Return of Pycal poster


December 20, 2020


A shorter entry in the Lupin franchise. Even though it's only half the length of a normal Lupin film, it actually looks cheaper than most of the ones I've seen so far. Some cheap CG was used to try and spice things up a bit, but that didn't age too well. Luckily the rest of the film is pretty decent.

Lupin is chasing the Celestial Crystals all the way to Greece, but he's beaten to them by Pycal, an old adversary of his. Pycal is a so-called magician, but the crystals seem to be giving him some actual magical powers. Lupin and his gang will need all their tricks to prevent Pycal from using the crystals for his evil plans.

The animation quality isn't that great and the CG really is subpar, but Pycal is a pretty cool adversary and some of the more psychedelic scenes later on are really quite effective. The short runtime is a blessing, the pacing is crazy and Lupin's tricks are fun as always. Not the greatest in the series, but still pretty solid filler.