Tenshi no Yokubou
2014 / 40m - Japan
The Lust of Angels poster


April 04, 2022


Nagisa Isogai comes up short. The subject is interesting enough, and it could've been a fun/gritty genre film, it's just that the execution isn't there. The direction is really poor, performances are amateurish, and the film has a rather cheap feel that drags it down. It's no surprise Isogai's direction career didn't really come off the ground.

Japan has a problem with gropers. Trains and metros are pretty packed, so certain men take advantage by edging up to girls and feeling them up. A couple of galls have had it with these men, and they decide to take matters into their own hands. Their revenge is pretty violent.

The camera work and score are basic, the characters are flat, and the actors not equipped to do anything to elevate them. The setup is interesting and perfect for a jolly/gruesome revenge flick (with a message if you want), but it has to work as a film to make enough of an impact, and that's where this one comes up short.