2019 / 51m - France
Thriller, Mystery
Lux Æterna poster


June 18, 2021


What originally started as an YSL commercial ended up becoming Lux Æterna, a fun little diversion for Noé. A short feature about a film (production) gone wrong, though like always it's not quite clear how serious Noé is when he starts quoting other famous directors. Fans of the man's work needn't worry, this is vintage Noé.

Gainsbourg and Dalle have been asked to participate in a film. After some back and forth between the two actresses, the shoot is finally about to start, but then everything starts falling apart. Annoying people on set, problems at home and faulty equipment turn the shoot into a real ordeal.

The performances are spirited, the visuals are aggressive (with confusing split screens and blinding strobes), the soundtrack is dark and menacing. Still, the short runtime takes away from the oppressive style and the focus on film production is generally one I don't really appreciate. It's a solid Noé, but far from his best work.