2019 / 86m - Australia
Machine poster


September 16, 2022


A rather basic documentary on the advances and challenges of contemporary AI. Docs like this tend to age pretty quickly as progression in the field is rapid, but most of what is been talked about here is still relevant. My biggest issue was that the film didn't touch on anything too thought-provoking or original, so it mostly functioned as a recap.

The doc is divided into several sections, including AI companionship (from chatbots to sexbots), autonomous warfare/vehicles, AI art, and journalism. The film sticks mostly to the opinions of the people interviewed, which aren't too nuanced and generally end up being either warnings about potential traps or ads for the potential of AI.

The presentation is rather decent, but not very novel. The ideas put forward aren't too challenging and the time frame where this is going to be relevant is narrow, but as a refresher, it's certainly not the worst film. For people unaware of the advances in AI it might be a decent enough introduction, just be critical of any easy takeaways presented here.