Mo Fei Cui
1986 / 95m - Hong Kong
Action, Adventure, Comedy
Jade Crystal poster


August 21, 2008


Early Jing Wong action comedy that helped launch the career of Andy Lau. It's a bit weird to see Lau cast as an action star, but this was well before he established himself as a solid drama actor. Together with Cynthia Rothrock and Pak-Cheung Chan Lau leads this amusing little action flick.

Lo joins his friends Pin-pin and Pancho on a quest to locate Shen, an old friend of them. Their trip takes them to Greece, where they find out that Shen is being chased down by the KGB and Interpol. Shen dug up some mysterious jewels, a priceless possession everyone wants to get their hands on.

Jade Crystal is a pretty amusing action romp. The action scenes are solid, the tone is light and breezy and there's enough goofy weirdness to keep it interesting. And there's really no better way to understand what Wong's oeuvre is about than to see him act, so his substantial part here is a bonus for people unaware of Jing Wong. Solid entertainment.