Saigo no Rabudôru: Watashi, Otona no Omocha Tomemashita
2010 / 63m - Japan
Fantasy, Sci-fi
Maid-Droid 2: Maidroid vs. Hostroids poster


August 14, 2020


A completely ridiculous and pointless sequel. Where Tomomatsu at least tried to make an effort with the first film, this second one feels lazy and cheap. I assume this sequel is nothing more than a mindless cash grab, no doubt after the first film performed well based on its premise alone.

The maid droid is back to its usual business, which conveniently adheres to the classic pinku structure. In between there are a few attempt at slapstick comedy, though extremely poorly executed, some nonsensical plot lines and a few horrendous action scenes, with effects that look like they were leftovers from the 80s.

I've already put too much effort into this review, as this is clearly just pinku filler and these films aren't primarily made for broader entertainment. But even then this film is terribly weak and uninviting. There's a very limited amount of fun to be had with the crummy execution, but that's hardly worth the 60 minutes of your time.