1990 / 150m - Japan
Making of Dreams: A Movie Conversation between Akira Kurosawa and Nobuhiko Obayashi poster


July 17, 2022


Obayashi directs Kurosawa's Dream's making of. And he goes a bit beyond, by adding several interviews with the director. Those were by far the most interesting parts for me. I really disliked Dreams, and I'm not a big fan of Kurosawa in general, but the conversations between these two men were pretty nice.

Most of the documentary is just behind the scenes footage though. Some prominent figures come to visit the sets, we get to see some actors talk about their experiences, Obayashi also focuses on the more technical parts of film making. I assume it's all very interesting when you're an aspiring filmmaker, others might find this a bit tougher to watch.

Obayashi is clearly a fan of Kurosawa, and it's nice to see him ask more personal questions, rather than the usual nonsense journalists come up with. These inserts break up the documentary and kept me watching, even when there was way too much filler for my taste. One for fans of Kurosawa and Dreams, others might not find too much here.