1974 / 125m - UK
Action, Adventure
The Man with the Golden Gun poster


November 16, 2020


A fun Bond flick that fully leans into the silliness. This is pretty much what I expect a good Bond film to deliver. Goofy characters, shabby underground lairs, strange lasers and a handful of explosive action scenes. It also helps that the exotic locations give the film that little extra flair.

Bond takes on a more personal assignment. He's being challenged by Scaramanga, a man who kills for pleasure. Locating him won't be so easy, but it doesn't take too long before Bond has a good lead on where he can find him. His journey will eventually take him to Thailand, where he also has to take Hai Fat, a wealthy businessman.

Moore looks a lot more comfortable playing Bond, Hamilton directs as if it was the last Bond he'd ever make (and it was), the villains are fun, the different locations keep it interesting and the camp levels spike through the roof. Even the relatively long runtime wasn't a bother, with so much going on. Good fun.