Also known as
Yurusarezaru Mono
Japan [2003] - 95m
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December 20, 2008


The first part of the Man in White two-parter. The Man in White is a vintage Miike Yakuza epic. That means the violence is raw and crude, the characters are plentiful, and their relations are complex. Don't expect a very action-packed film, but a more detailed peek into the world of the Yakuza.

Azusa is a spectator to the murder of his boss, what makes things worse is that the killer is Azusa's own brother. Though blood runs deep, his ties with the Yakuza run deeper and after his brother escapes, he vows to avenge his boss' death, even if that means chasing and killing his own brother.

The Man in White isn't unlike Agitator. It's a rather slow film that features a big cast, takes its time to introduce everyone, and starts unwinding its plot slowly and deliberately. This is a true Yakuza/crime film without all the frills and cool of more entertaining genre efforts, but that doesn't make it any less interesting.

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