Ao Men Feng Yun 2
2015 / 109m - Hong Kong
Action, Comedy
From Vegas to Macau II poster


July 25, 2015


Since the first film did pretty well, it's no surprise Jing Wong went on to make a sequel (eventually turning this into a bona fide trilogy). Wong simply rehashes the first film and drums up Fat once again to take on the part of enigmatic gambler. While Fat is quite charming, I think he fits the films of Wen Jiang better, this material is simply a bit too crazy for him.

The film is also way too slick for what it is: a shamelessly pulpy comedy. That's one of the advantages of being Jing Wong, you have the clout and the money to make a silly film with a bunch of A-listers and nobody is able to stop you. While that doesn't make for great cinema necessarily, it's surely unique and it should be treasured.

There are a couple of hilarious moments (like the Mahjong game) and some worthwhile cameos. The action scenes are decent and the cast does a solid job, but this second part doesn't add much to the first film and because of that it feels like it could've been a bit shorter. Even so, there's plenty of fun to be had here.