2020 / 131m - USA
Mank poster


April 04, 2021


Mank for Mankiewicz, writer of Citizen Kane and subject of this film. Wank for the incredible circle jerk that Fincher created here. Hollywood's wet dream vision of their own industry, a film that gushes over the larger than life caricatures that prance around the screen and deliver spiffy lines as if the last 80 years never happened.

It helps if you've seen Citizen Kane and/or have a little knowledge about Hollywood cinema of the 30s and 40s. What really helps though is if you're the type of person that loves these classics as if they were the best thing that ever happened to cinema. That's the target audience of this film, that's who all the fan service is for.

Oldman's overacting is nothing new, the bland gray and white cinematography can't even compete with Kane's, the soundtrack is very present but adds very little and the endless dialogues are so tiring that I'd pretty much had it with this film 30 minutes in. The worst thing Fincher ever made. Successful though, since the Academy wankers gave it an Oscar nomination. Jerks.