2021 / 81m - USA
The Manor poster


October 11, 2021


Another film from the Amazon/Blumhouse deal. And another tepid horror film. I haven't been following their output too closely, but random sampling hasn't resulted in anything good so far. These films are all very basic genre flicks, lacking the love and attention needed to elevate them.

Judith is still young at heart, but her health isn't what it used to be. She admits herself into an elderly home, where she hopes she can live a comfortable life without bothering her family too much. It quickly dawns on her that something is off in the home, but when she tries to warn others, nobody believes her.

Director Carolyn makes no attempt whatsoever to do anything original, nor to add some necessary flair to the direction. It's one of those films that safely colors inside the lines, never oversteps its boundaries and just goes through the motions. Never very thrilling, never creepy or eerie, typical assembly line cinema.