2009 / 109m - Spain
Drama, Thriller
Map of the Sounds of Tokyo poster


April 04, 2021


This certainly looked a lot more interesting on paper. I haven't seen too many non-Japanese directors fare well in Tokyo (I can only think of Michael Arias), Isabel Coixet is no exception. For a film that refers specifically to the soundscapes of a city, the sound design is simply disappointing.

The plot revolves around David, a Spanish man who owns a wine shop in Tokyo. He comes into contact with Ryu, a solitary girl who lives two separate lives. While Coixet adds some thriller and crime elements, the film focuses on the peculiar relationship between Ryu and David, keeping it well within the drama niche.

Kikuchi is clearly the star of the film, but somewhat of an obvious choice. The rest of the cast is less interesting. The cinematography is nice but not really tuned into the look of the city, the soundtrack is nonsensical and lack atmosphere. A real shame, as the film did have potential, the direction just isn't strong enough.