1995 / 30m - Japan
Marehito poster


May 24, 2023


A short Japanese sci-fi film with cyberpunk-like qualities. It's not very punk though, there's no crazy camera work or gritty black-and-white cinematography to make it a clear member of this particular niche. There is however a strong fetish-like quality that will appeal to its dedicated fans.

A lone soldier patrols the border of two nations that have separated all ties but aren't formally at war with each other. The soldier has to listen to the speeches of the opposing leader and spends the rest of his time together with a female android that was assigned to him. One day he gets a visit from a superior, telling him his android is due for an upgrade.

This is clearly a no-budget work, but Sato did pretty well to cover it up. The props look cool, the color work is nice, and the camera work is stark. The concept is a little thin though and while 30 minutes is pretty short, I feel more could've been done with it. A cute diversion, but not up to par with other Japanese cyberpunk films.