2019 / 90m - Philippines
Maria poster


August 10, 2020


A solid but basic action film. Maria has very little pretensions and doesn't even try to hide it. The first half hour is the setup for the 60-minute revenge that follows. Very little time is wasted on character development and plot, instead we get a simple cut-and-paste job that mimics a million other films.

The first half hour is a bit slow. The drama that is supposed to trigger the revenge just isn't very successful though, cast and director lacked the skills to pull it off. Luckily things get a lot better after that and once the action starts, the actors are finally able to show their skills.

The action scenes are solid, with some cool moves and decent choreography, but don't expect too much. While entertaining and appropriately brutal at times, there's nothing here you haven't seen before. Pure genre filler, action fans are going to have a good time with it, others will have to look past the film's defects.