1990 / 93m - USA
Action, Crime
Marked for Death poster


July 05, 2021


Cheap 90s action cinema. Marked for Death is a clear continuation of the 80s, with one of its worst action stars leading the dance. Steven Seagal is a joke and instead of carrying the film, he's its biggest downfall. Not that there was much to salvage here, director Little is equally incapable.

Seagal is Hatcher, an officer who just came back from Colombia where his partner was killed by a drug baron. Hatcher wants to quit the force and build a new life for himself, but it doesn't take long before he gets caught up in a new case. This time, his sister and her daughter become the main targets of a dealer.

Seagal is Seagal. I simply can't stand the man, but he has his fans. The rest of the cast is equally poor, the direction is incredibly cheesy, and the plot is some bad copy-paste job from a bunch of other action flicks. The action itself isn't all that great either, but at least heads fly and people die. That's about as good as this films gets.