Jia Ge Yi Bai Fen Nan Ren
2012 / 90m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Romance
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August 20, 2014


Jing Wong goes romcom. It's basically an update of the 80s romcoms he directed, only with a more contemporary cast. There's still room for veterans like Eric Tsang and Sandra Ng, though they have to take a back seat while younger actors take up the lead roles (Gigi Leung and Ronald Cheng in this case).

The plot is extremely basic, but what did you expect. After being dumped by her boyfriend, Winnie becomes the laughingstock at work. That changes when she meets Koo, a wealthy businessman who takes an interest in Winnie. The question is whether he really is the right man for her.

There are some fun and memorable scenes here, but they're buried underneath a mountain of mediocrity. The central performances are weak and the romance never sparkles. Wong's direction feels a bit lazy too, so overall it's not a very successful film. Not the worst Wong either though, so if you're in the mood for some simple but easily digestible entertainment, you might give it a go.