2022 / 116m - Japan
Maternal Instinct poster


July 08, 2023


A story about three generations of women. They are daughters and mothers, but not always in equal measure. It's an interesting premise delivered with a level of openness and honesty that is quite surprising, Hiroki is also the perfect man for the job, but the plot tends to get in the way of the drama.

Married life isn't exactly what Rumiko expected, but with the help of her mom, she is able to cope. When Rumiko gets a daughter she doesn't feel the same kind of love for her and still chases the validation of her mom. One fatal night will change the lives of these three women forever.

The performances are strong, the drama is intriguing (and rather original too) and Hiroki's touch is visible. The plot is a little overworked though and the film gets too sentimental in places, where a more subtle approach would've worked better. Not bad at all, but I expect more from Hiroki.